Q:  How to enter BT Mode on the ZEB ZEB-ACE PLUS?
A. Power ON the speaker, change to input mode, and it will enter BT pairing mode. Open Bluetooth settings on your device, search for the BT name “ZEB ZEB-ACE PLUS” and tap to connect.
Q: How to use the USB/Micro SD Mode on the ZEB ZEB-ACE PLUS?
A: Insert the USB/Micro SD card into the speaker.
The speaker will automatically detect the USB/Micro SD card, and songs from it will be played.
Q:  How to connect the ZEB ZEB-ACE PLUS speaker to my TV in AUX mode?
A:  You can connect the ZEB ZEB-ACE PLUS  speaker to your TV using a 3.5mm AUX cable for an enhanced audio experience.
Q:  How to use FM Radio Mode on the speaker?
A: Switch the speaker to FM Mode, press the Play/Pause key to scan available FM channels. Once scanning is complete, the speaker will start playing the first scanned channel.
Q:  How to interpret the charging indication on the speaker?
A: Charging indication: Red LED Flashing
Full Charging indication: Red LED OFF
Q:  What is the recommended USB/Micro SD card capacity on the speaker?
A: The speaker supports up to 32GB USB/Micro SD card capacities 
Q:  What is TWS, and how to activate it on ZEB-ACE PLUS speakers?
A:  TWS (True Wireless Stereo) allows you to connect two ZEB-ACE PLUS speakers for a synchronized audio experience. To activate TWS:
Turn on both ZEB-ACE PLUS speakers.
Double-press the M button for a few seconds on one speaker to initiate the TWS function.
Wait for the TWS connected notification to confirm successful connection.
Search for nearby Bluetooth devices on your mobile and tap on the BT name "ZEB-ACE PLUS" to pair the speakers.
Q:  How to use Coaxial mode with any audio source?
A: Yes, the Coaxial mode allows you to connect the ZEB-ACE PLUS speaker to an audio source using a coaxial cable. Ensure that your audio source has a compatible coaxial output.