FAQ - Zeb Astra

Zeb Astra


Q: How to connect a mobile for wireless music ?
A: When the speaker is in wireless mode, search for nearby BT devices in your mobile. Tap the name "ZEB-ASTRA" and connect it.
     (Password - 0000, if prompted)
Q: What are the different modes in ZEB-ASTRA ?
A: BT Wireless/SD/USB/FM /AUX mode.
Q: How to tune FM channels?
A: Switch the speaker to FM mode.
    Connect the AUX cable to the AUX port of the speaker and leave the other end free (this cable will act as an FM  antenna).
    Press & Hold the Play/Pause button to start scanning the FM channels.
    Once the scanning is done, the speaker will start playing from first saved channel.
    To change the channels you can use next/previous buttons.
Q: What are the different LED indications?
A: Red LED glowing - Charging  
    Red LED turns OFF - Fully charged
Q: What is the operating range of the ZEB-OLIVER in wireless mode?
A: 8-10 meters.
Q: How to decrease/increase the volume level?
A: Press "-/+" to decrease/increase the volume level respectively.
Q: What is the maximum capacity of USB/Micro SD card that ZEB-OLIVER can support?
A: 32GB.
Q: Does the speaker has call function?
A: Yes.
Q: What is the charging voltage?

A: DC 5V.

Q: How to use USB/Micro SD card?
A: Once a USB/Micro SD card is inserted into the speaker, it will detect the USB/Micro SD card automatically and start playing songs from it.