FAQ - Zeb-Max Atom

Zeb-Max Atom


Q: How to connect the ZEB - MAX ATOM keyboard to PC computer / Laptop?
A: ZEB - MAX ATOM is a plug and play keyboard with type C interface. Plug in the USB connector of the cable to the PC computer / Laptop and the type C connector to the keyboard. Once connected, the keyboard can be used directly with your PC computer / Laptop.
Q  How to change the LED light modes in ZEB - MAX ATOM keyboard?

A: Press the FN button and numeric keys (ranging from 1/2/3/4/5/6) together to change the LED light modes. Each Numeric key has 2 Pre-programmed LED modes thereby a total of 12 pre-programmed LED modes.

Q: How to activate and deactivate caps lock in ZEB - MAX ATOM keyboard?
A: The caps lock can be activated by pressing FN and ~ keys simultaneously. The Blue LED present in between CTRL and ALT keys will glow indicating the caps lock is activated. It can be deactivated by pressing the same keys again (FN and ~).
Q  How to use the integrated multimedia keys in ZEB - MAX ATOM keyboard?
A: Press the FN key and corresponding multimedia keys (ranging from F1/F2/F3/F4/F5) together to use the respective functions. The keys and its functions are as follows:

FN+F1    :    Mute

FN+F2    :    Stop media

FN+F3    :    Play / Pause media

FN+F4    :    Previous media

FN+F5    :    Next media
Q:  How to use the customizable macro keys in ZEB - MAX ATOM keyboard?
A: The Customizable Macro Keys can be used with the instructions given below:

1: Press and hold the FN key along with the desired Macro key (G1/G2/G3/G4/G5)

2: The blue LED indicator present between the CTRL and ALT keys will begin to blink, indicating the macro is ready to be programmed.

3: Now start pressing the keys which are to be saved as Macro.

4: Kindly note that the max limit of the macro is 16 characters and the delay of key entry will also be added.

5: Once the required set of keys are entered, simply press the FN key to end the macro recording process.

6: The blinking LED will stop, indicating the macro is saved.

7: These programmed macros can be accessed thereafter by clicking the respective macro button (G1/G2/G3/G4/G5). It can be re-programmed whenever required.