FAQ - Zeb-Bang Pro

Zeb-Bang Pro


Q: How to connect the headphones?
A: Press and hold the MFB button for 5 seconds to power ON the Headphone.
      Turn ON BT in your device and scan for ZEB-BANG PRO.
      Click on the name and pair with the headphone.
Q What are the different modes in the headphone?
A: Wireless BT and AUX
Q: How to play next / prev. song?
A: Long press the + / - button to move to the Next / Prev. song respectively.
Q How to increase/decrease the volume level of the headphone?
A: Short press the + / - button to increase / decrease the volume respectively.
Q: Does the headphone have a call function?
A: Yes. Once paired to a mobile phone (with BT), calls can be attended, rejected and ended using the media control buttons of the headphone.
    Single press the MFB to receive an incoming call and hang-up on current call.
    Press and hold the MFB to reject an incoming call.

Q: What is the charging voltage for charging the headphone?
A: You can use a 5VDC adapter and a Type-C cable to charge your headphone.

Q: What are the different LED indicators?
A: Red LED glowing - Charging.
    LED goes OFF - Full charge.
    Red and Blue LED Blinks Rapidly - BT Discover Mode.
    Blue LED glows once in 5sec - Headphone is connected to a device.
Q:  What is the operating range of the headphone in wireless mode?
A: 8-10 meters (Without Obstacles).