FAQ - Zeb Bellow

Zeb Bellow


Q: How to connect ZEB-BELLOW for wireless music?
A: Slide the Power button to Turn ON/OFF the device and scan for nearby devices in your mobile/tablet BT menu. Tap on BT name ZEB-BELLOW  to pair.
Q: What are the different modes in ZEB-BELLOW speakers and how to change them?

A: ZEB-BELLOW supports different modes such as  Wireless BT / Micro SD / USB / FM Mode / AUX.
    Short press the "M" button to toggle between different modes.  

Q: How to use TWS mode with ZEB-BELLOW?
A: TWS mode requires 2 nos. of ZEB-BELLOW speakers. While the speakers are ON, long press the “M” button to enter TWS mode.
     Now the speakers will automatically get paired with each other. Scan for "ZEB-BELLOW" on your mobile/tablet BT menu and connect to it.
     The songs played hereafter, will be played on both the speakers, like in a stereo setup.
Q: What is the maximum storage size of the USB/microSD card supported by ZEB-BELLOW?
A: 32GB.
Q: How to use Pendrive(USB)/microSD card?
A: Once the Pendrive(USB)/microSD card is inserted in the speaker, it automatically enters the USB/microSD mode.
Q: How to tune FM channels?
A: Switch the speaker to FM mode.
    Connect the micro USB cable to the micro USB port of the speaker and leave the other end free (this cable will act as the FM antenna).short     press the play/pause button to scan the FM channels.
    Once the scanning is done, the speaker will start playing from the first scanned channel.
    To change the channels you can use +/- buttons.
Q: What are the different LED indications in ZEB-BELLOW?
A: Charging in process       : Red led Glows
    Charging completed         : Red Led OFF.
    BT discovery mode:  Blue LED blinking
Q: How to control media and volume in ZEB-BELLOW?
A: Play/pause : short press the play/pause button
    Next media : Short press the “+” button
    Prev. media : Short press the “-“ button
    Volume increase : Long press the “+” button
    Volume decrease : Long press the “-“ button
Q: How to charge ZEB-BELLOW?
A: Kindly use a 5V DC adapter and micro USB cable for charging.