Q:  How to connect ZEB-BLAST for wireless music?
A: Switch the slider button to power ON the headphone and scan for nearby devices in your mobile/tablet BT menu. Tap on BT name “ZEB-BLAST” to pair.
Q:   What are the different LED indications in ZEB-BLAST?
A: Charging: Constant Red LED glows
    Full Charging: Red LED goes OFF
    BT discovery mode: Red & Blue Led blinking alternatively
    Device Connected: Blue LED blinks slowly
Q: How to use the call function in ZEB-BLAST?
A: .Answer/ hung up an incoming call: single press the “O” button.
    Reject an incoming call: Double press the “O” button to reject an incoming call.
    Last Number Redial: quickly double press the “O” button.
Q:  How to control media and volume in ZEB-BLAST?
A: .Play/pause: single press the “O” button
    Next media: Long press [2 sec] the “+” button
    Prev. media: Long press [2 sec] the “-“button
    Volume increase: single press the “+” button
    Volume decrease: single press the “-“button
Q:  How to activate voice assistance in ZEB-BLAST?
A: Press and hold the “Play /Pause” button for 2 secs to activate the voice assistant.
Q: How to charge ZEB-BLAST?
A: Kindly use a 5V DC adapter and Type-C cable to charge the headphone.
Q: How long does it take to charge the ZEB-BLAST?
A: Please charge the device for approximately 2 hours.