Q: How to power ON / OFF ZEB-BS1H2000BT wireless barcode scanner?
A: Press and hold the trigger for 3-4 seconds to power ON the barcode scanner.  To Power OFF, scan 'SHUTDOWN' barcode OR 'Sleep Time Setting' barcode from the given user manual.
Q: How to connect ZEB-BS1H2000BT with a PC/Laptop/mobile/tablet?
A:  Using wireless mode for the first time or with a new PC/Laptop/mobile/tablet:
     1.  Power ON ZEB-BS1H2000BT and scan the "MATCH" barcode given in the user manual.  
      2. Connect the USB nano receiver to the PC/Laptop if it does not support BT features.  
      3. If the PC/Laptop requires driver for the USB nano receiver, then Install the device driver software provided with CD or download from www.zebronics.com/drivers  
      4, Blue LED will start blinking, which indicates BT discovery mode.
      5, Click the Bluetooth icon present in the icon tray of the desktop screen.
      6, Scan for devices by clicking "Add bluetooth device".
      7, Directly open BT menu in smart phone/tablet/Laptop if it supports BT features.
      8. Tap on the "GENERAL BLUETOOTH HID BARCODE SCANNER" name and connect to it.
      9. ZEB-BS1H2000BT is now connected in wireless mode.  
   Changing wireless mode to wired mode:
     1. Connect the USB-RJ45 connector cable provided in the package.
     2. Scan the "RESTORE DEFAULTS" barcode given in the user manual.
     3. ZEB-BS1H2000BT is now connected in wired mode.
   Changing from wired mode to wireless mode:
    1. Reconnect the USB nano receiver to the PC/Laptop.  
    2. Now reconnect the Barcode scanner to the PC/Laptop via bluetooth.
    3. Scan the "RESTORE DEFAULTS" barcode given in the user manual.
    4. Scan the "UART 9600" barcode given in the user manual.
Q: Should I install the device driver software and connect a USB nano receiver for all devices?
A: Smart phone/tablet/Laptops with inbuilt BT feature don't require USB nano receiver and software installation.
Q: What type of barcode can be scanned using ZEB-BS1H2000BT?
A: ZEB-BS1H2000BT supports scanning of 1D barcode.
Q: How to charge the ZEB-BS1H2000BT?
A: Make use of the charging cable (USB - RJ45) provided with the package and connect to a 5VDC adapter or PC/Laptop USB port for charging.
Q: What is the charging time and working time of ZEB-BS1H2000BT?
A: Charging time - 1.5H to 2H
     Working time - 8H.
Q: What is the OS compatibility of ZEB-BS1H2000BT?
A: Win 7/8.1/10, Linux, Mac.