1. Plug in the device to the HDMI port of your TV.

2. Plug in the Micro USB port of the power cable to the ZEB-CAST100 and the USB end to the USB port on the TV or any 5v 1A USB power adapter.

3. Select the same HDMI port as input in your TV.

4. After connecting the power, ZEB-CAST100 will take few secs to boot up. After the boot up you will see below screen on the TV.

5. Select the small button on the ZEB-CAST100 device to select Airplay/DLNA or Miracast mode according to the device you want to connect.

6. Please search for SSID as mentioned as in the above pic from wifi settings of the device you want connect.

7. Select the SSID and enter password mentioned as PSK: as shown in the above image.

8. After the wifi is connected, you can enable Airplay on iOS/mac devices and wireless display in Android/windows devices.

9. For ZEB-CAST100 setting, please switch off the Airplay or wireless display on your connected device, DO NOT DISCONNECT THE WIFI. Then open any browser on the connected device and enter the IP address as shown in above image.

10. Once the setting page is open you can configure and connect the ZEB-CAST100 to internet through wifi. Once ZEB-CAST100 is connected to internet it will start updating the firmware or you can also manually update it.

11. We suggest to update the ZEB-CAST100 firmware regularly, to get the best experience.

12. You can also view below video which explains the connectivity with mobile phones

13. For android device if standard wireless display mode is not working then you can try wireless display apps like ezcast, IMediashare, web video cast and Localcast.