FAQ - Zeb-Companion 500

Zeb-Companion 500


Q: How does the power-saving mode work on the ZEB-Companion 500?
A: The power-saving mode on the keyboard helps conserve battery life. When the keyboard is not in use for a certain period, it will automatically enter a low-power mode to save energy.
Q: What is the wireless range of the ZEB-Companion 500 keyboard and mouse combo?
A: The wireless range of both the keyboard and mouse is approximately 6-8 meters without any interference, allowing you to use them comfortably without being restricted by cables.
Q: How many hotkeys does the ZEB-Companion 500 keyboard have?
A: The keyboard features 12 dedicated hotkeys that provide quick access to various multimedia functions and shortcuts, enhancing your productivity and convenience.
Q: Can I adjust the DPI settings of the wireless mouse?
A: .Yes, the wireless mouse of the ZEB-Companion 500 combo offers DPI support of up to 800/1200/1600 DPI. You can switch between different DPI levels based on your preference and requirements.
Q: How long do the batteries last for the keyboard and mouse?
A: The keyboard requires 2 AAA batteries, and the mouse requires 1 AA battery. The actual battery life may vary depending on usage, but with typical usage, the batteries should last for a considerable period.
Q: Is the nano receiver included in the package?
A: .Yes, the ZEB-Companion 500 combo comes with a built-in nano receiver for wireless connectivity. The receiver is conveniently tucked inside the mouse for easy storage and portability.
Q: Can the ZEB-Companion 500 keyboard and mouse combo be used with a laptop?
A: Yes, the ZEB-Companion 500 combo is compatible with laptops that support USB connectivity. You can connect the nano receiver to a USB port on your laptop and use the keyboard and mouse seamlessly.
Q: Does the ZEB-Companion 500 keyboard have a backlight feature?
A: No, the ZEB-Companion 500 keyboard does not have a backlight feature. It is designed with laser printed key-caps for durability and ease of use.
Q: Can I customize the functions of the multimedia keys on the keyboard?

A:The multimedia keys on the ZEB-Companion 500 keyboard are per-assigned with specific functions.

Q: How do I connect the wireless keyboard and mouse to my device?
A: To connect the keyboard and mouse, plug the nano receiver into an available USB port on your device. The keyboard and mouse should automatically connect to the receiver. If not, you may need to press and hold the “Esc” and “=+” button together in keyboard and for mouse press and hold the left button, right button, and the scroll button together for 3-5 seconds for resetting the keyboard and mouse combo.
Q: Can I use the ZEB-Companion 500 keyboard and mouse simultaneously with multiple devices?
 A. The ZEB-Companion 500 combo uses a single nano receiver, so it can be connected to only one device at a time. To switch between devices, you will need to unplug the receiver and plug it into the desired device.
Q: Can I use rechargeable batteries with the ZEB-Companion 500 combo?
A: Yes, you can use rechargeable batteries with the keyboard and mouse. Ensure that the batteries are compatible and properly charged for optimal performance.

Q: Does the ZEB-Companion 500 combo support Bluetooth connectivity?
A: No, the ZEB-Companion 500 combo does not support Bluetooth connectivity. It uses a USB nano receiver for wireless connectivity