Q1: How to connect with ZEB-DELIGHT 10 through wireless BT mode?
A: .Power ON the speaker, as it enters BT mode by default. Scan for nearby devices on the phone's BT menu. Click on the ZEB-DELIGHT 10 name and pair with it.
Q2 How to use the buttons?

A: .Long press “+” or ”-” to adjust the volume
Short-press “+” or ”-” to control the media
Short-press the play/pause button to play/pause music
Long-press the play/pause button to reject the incoming call
Short press “M” button to change the mode of the speaker

Q3: What are the various modes available in ZEB-DELIGHT 10?
A: .Wireless BT, Micro SD, FM radio, USB
Q4 What is the operating range of the ZEB-DELIGHT 10 in wireless mode?
A: .8-10 meters (without obstacles).
Q5: What is the maximum capacity of a micro SD card that ZEB-DELIGHT 10 can support?
A: 32GB.
Q6: Does the speaker have a calling function?
A: Yes, once the speaker is connected with the smartphone via BT, press the play/pause button once to receive incoming calls.
To hang up on a call, press the play/pause once again.
To reject an incoming call, press and hold the play/pause button for a few seconds.

Q7: How to switch on/off the LED lights in ZEB-DELIGHT 10?
A: Just press and hold the play/pause button to Switch on/off the LED lights.
Q8: What is the charging voltage?
A: Connect Micro USB cable to the speaker and connect the other end of the cable to a 5V DC adapter
Q9: How to scan FM radio in ZEB-DELIGHT 10?

A: Once the speaker is turned ON, please switch the speaker to FM mode using the “M” button
Short press the play/pause button to auto scan the available FM channels.
Short press “+” or”-” buttons to change the scanned FM channels.
Long press “+” or”-” to adjust the volume.

Q10: How to use the TWS function?
A: Turn on two ZEB-DELIGHT 10 speakers you want to pair and switch to BT mode
Long press the “M” button to any one speaker to activate TWS mode.
After few seconds, both the speaker will be connected with each other.
You can now open your smartphone BT menu and pair with the ZEB-DELIGHT 10 BT name.
To exit TWS mode, long press “M” button again.
Q11: How to increase/decrease the volume level of the speaker?
A: Press and hold the + / - button to increase / decrease the volume respectively.