FAQ - Zeb-Duke 1

Q: What are the key features of ZEB-DUKE 1?
A:  ZEB-DUKE 1 has several features including Wireless BT, Voice assistant support, AUX function, Media/Volume control, Call function, dual pairing.
Q: What are the different LED indications in ZEB- DUKE 1?
A: Charging   :  RED LED Glows
    Full Charging: BLUE LED Glows
    BT discovery mode: Red & Blue Led blinking alternatively
Q: How to switch modes in ZEB-DUKE 1?
A: When the device is ON, Double press the call button to switch modes.
Q:  How to use the call function in ZEB- DUKE 1?
A: Answer/ hung up an incoming call: short press the “O” button
    Reject an incoming call: long press the “O” button for 2secs to reject an incoming call
    Last Number Redial: quickly double press the “O” button
Q: How to control media and volume in ZEB- DUKE 1?
A: Play/pause: single press the “O” button
     Next media: Press and hold the “+” button
     Prev. media: Press and hold the “-“button
     Volume increase: Short press the “+” button
     Volume decrease: Short press the “-“button
Q: How to activate voice assistance in ZEB- DUKE 1?
A: Press and hold the “O” button for 2 secs to activate the voice assistant.
Q: How to use AUX cable in ZEB- DUKE 1?
A:  Plug in the AUX cable in the AUX port of the headphone and your smartphone to enjoy music in AUX mode.
Q: What is the wireless range of ZEB-DUKE 1?
A: The ZEB-DUKE 1 has a wireless range of 10 Meters without obstacles.
Q: How to connect phone with ZEB-DUKE 1?

A: To pair your phone with ZEB-DUKE 1, switch ON the headphone and it will go into BT mode. Then, switch on Bluetooth on your phone and search for the BT name “ZEB-DUKE 1”.
Once the BT name is shown on the phone, tap to connect it.