FAQ - Zeb Duke 101

Zeb Duke 101


Q: How to connect the headphones?
A: Press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button for 5 seconds to power ON the speaker.
Turn ON BT in your device and scan for ZEB-DUKE 101.
Click on the name and pair with the headphones (Password:0000 only if prompted).

Q: What are the different modes in the headphones?

A: Wireless BT / FM / Micro SD / AUX

Q: How to tune FM channels?
A: Short press the mode button to switch to FM mode.
Long Press the mode button to start scanning the FM channels.
When scanning is completed, the first scanned channel plays automatically.
You can easily toggle between the scanned channels using next/previous buttons.
Q: What are the different LED indicators?
A: Red LED glowing - Charging.
Red LED turns Blue - Full charge.
Red and Blue LED blinks - BT Discover Mode.
Blue LED glows constantly - Headphone is connected to a device
Q: How to increase/decrease the volume level of the headphone?
A: Short press the + / - button to increase / decrease the volume respectively.
Q: What is the operating range of the headphone in wireless mode?
A: 8-10 meters.
Q: What is the maximum capacity of a micro SD card that the headphone can support?
A: The headphone can support a maximum of 32GB micro SD card.
Q: Does the headphone have a call function?
A: Yes. Once paired to a mobile phone, The calls can be attended, rejected and ended using the media control buttons of the headphone.
Single press the middle button to receive an incoming call and hang-up on a call.
Press and hold the middle button to reject an incoming call.