FAQ - Zeb Dynamic

Zeb Dynamic


Q: How to connect the ZEB-DYNAMIC headphone with my device for wireless music?
A: Press and hold the ‘O’ button for 5 seconds to power ON the speaker.
    Turn ON bluetooth in your device and scan for ZEB-DYNAMIC.
    Click on the name and pair with the headphones.
Q: How to activate voice assistant through ZEB-DYNAMIC?
A: Press and hold the ‘O’ button for 2 seconds to activate voice assistant.
Q: How to use AUX mode?
A: Connect the headphone to any audio source using an AUX cable.
Q: Does ZEB-DYNAMIC support voice call?
A: Yes, single press the ‘O’ button to receive an incoming call and hang-up on a call.
   Press and hold the ‘O’ button to reject an incoming call.
Q: How to control media/volume in ZEB-DYNAMIC?
A: (O) button - Single press to play / pause
   (+) button - Single press to increase volume, press and hold to switch to next song
   (-) button - Single press to decrease the volume, press and hold to switch to previous song
Q: What are the various LED indications?
A: RED led glows - Charging
   RED led goes OFF - 100% charged
   RED and BLUE led blink alternatively - BT discover mode
   BLUE led blinks once in 5 seconds - Connected to a bluetooth device.
 Q: How to charge the headphones?
 A: Connect to a 5V DC adapter using a USB to micro USB cable.