Q: How to connect the ZEB-ESCAPE 20 to Bluetooth?
A: Turn on ZEB-ESCAPE 20 neckband by pressing the play/pause button. Then, enable Bluetooth on your device, search for “ZEB-ESCAPE 20”, and establish a connection.
Q: How to play or pause media on the ZEB-ESCAPE 20?
A: You can play or pause the media by pressing the PLAY/PAUSE button once.
Q: How to power on the ZEB-ESCAPE 20?
A: The ZEB-ESCAPE 20 can be powered on or off by long-pressing the PLAY/PAUSE button.
Q:  How to accept or reject calls on the ZEB-ESCAPE 20?
A: To accept or reject an on-going call, press the PLAY/PAUSE button once. To reject a direct incoming call, press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button.
Q: How to adjust the volume on the ZEB-ESCAPE 20?
A: Press the “+” button to increase the volume and the “-” button to decrease it.
Q: How to activate the smartphone voice assistant with the ZEB-ESCAPE 20?
A:  When the neckband is connected to a mobile phone, activate the voice assistant by pressing and holding the PLAY/PAUSE button for 3 seconds.
Q:   What is the wireless operating range of the ZEB –ESCAPE 20?
A:  The wireless operating range is 8-10 meters, provided there are no obstacles.
Q:  What is the recommended charging voltage for the ZEB-ESCAPE 20?
A: A DC 5V adapter can be used to charge your neckband.