FAQ - Zeb Fun

Zeb Fun


Q: How to use the karaoke feature in ZEB-FUN?
A: Press and hold the power ON/OFF button to power ON the karaoke mic
   The mic can now be used for singing.
   Adding the karaoke/music can be done with wireless BT/AUX/microSD card inputs.
Q: What are the various modes available in ZEB-FUN and how to change them?

A: Wireless BT, AUX input and microSD card mode is present in ZEB-FUN.
    Make use of the 'M' button to change or toggle between different modes.  

Q: How to connect ZEB-FUN for wireless music and karaoke?
A: As soon as the mic is powered ON, it enters wireless BT mode by default. Now, scan for nearby devices in your mobile/tablet BT menu. Tap on BT name ZEB-FUN to pair.
Q: How to use AUX cable in ZEB-FUN?
A:  Plug in the AUX cable in the AUX port of ZEB-FUN and your smartphone.
Change the mode to AUX input mode to enjoy karaoke through AUX.
Q: How to use a microSD card in ZEB-FUN?

A: Insert the microSD card in the card slot and change the mode to microSD card mode (if required). The media will start playing up next.  

Q: What are the different LED indications in ZEB-FUN?
A: Charging in process         : Red Led Glows
   Charging completed          : Red Led OFF.
   BT discovery mode : Blue LED Blinking
Q: How to control media in ZEB-FUN?
A: Play/pause : Short press the play/pause button
    Next media : short the >>| button to change the next song
    Prev. media : short press the |<< button to change the prev. song
Q: How to control volume in ZEB-FUN?
A: Slide the volume button to increase / decrease volume.
Q: How to control echo in ZEB-FUN?
A: Slide the echo button to increase / decrease echo.
Q: How to charge ZEB-FUN?
A: Kindly use a 5V DC adapter and microUSB cable for charging.