Q:  How to enter BT Mode on the ZEB JOLT PLUS speaker?
A:  Power ON the speaker and it will enter BT pairing mode. Open Bluetooth settings on your phone, search for the BT name ‘ZEB JOLT PLUS,' and tap to connect.
Q  How to connect two ZEB JOLT PLUS speakers for TWS Connectivity?
A:  Switch ON two "ZEB JOLT PLUS" speakers.
Press and hold the Play/Pause TWS button for 5-10 seconds in any one speaker to activate TWS mode.
After a few seconds, both speakers will be connected successfully.
Search for nearby BT devices on your mobile, and tap on the BT name ‘ZEB-JOLT PLUS" to connect.
To exit TWS mode, press and hold the Play/Pause TWS button for 5-10 seconds in any one speaker.
Q: How to connect the ZEB JOLT PLUS speaker to TV in AUX mode?
A: You can connect the ZEB JOLT PLUS speaker to TV using a 3.5mm AUX cable for an enhanced audio experience.
Q:  How to use FM Radio Mode on the speaker?
A: Switch the speaker to FM Mode. In FM Mode, long-press the Play/Pause key to scan available FM channels. Once scanning is complete, the speaker will start playing the first scanned channel.
Q:  How does the recording function work on the speaker?
A: To record a voice, insert a USB/Micro SD card into the speaker as a storage device. Press the REC. key on the remote to start/stop recording. Once the recording is done, press the REC. Press the PLAY key to play the recorded file.
   *Note: Ensure correct insertion of the USB/Micro SD card for proper recording function.*

Q: How to interpret the charging indication on the speaker?
A:  Charging indication: Red LED Flashing
Full Charging indication: Red LED Glows
Q: What is the recommended USB/Micro SD card capacity for recording on the speaker?
A: The speaker supports up to 32GB USB/Micro SD card capacities.