Q: What are the connectivity options for the ZEB-JUKE BAR 100A?
A.  The ZEB-JUKE BAR 100A offers versatile connectivity, including Bluetooth v5.0, HDMI (ARC), Coaxial, USB, and AUX inputs.
Q: What file format is supported when playing music from a USB source?
A: MP3 format is supported.
Q:  What is the maximum supported memory size for USB storage devices?
A: The ZEB-JUKE BAR 100A supports a maximum memory size of 32GB.
Q:  What is Standby mode, and how to power on/off the device?
A: Standby mode allows the device to be in a low-power state while still being ready for use. To power on/off, use the designated power button.
Q:  How to select the input mode?
A: Use the INPUT button to cycle through different input modes and select the desired one.
Q:  How can I navigate to the previous track?
A:  Press the 'H' button to go to the previous track. This function is available only under USB and BT modes.
Q:  Is there a shortcut for play/pause in USB and BT mode?
A:   Yes, use the Play/Pause button to play or pause the current track. This function is applicable only under USB and BT modes.
Q:   How to reset the device to manufacturer defaults?
A: Press and hold the RESET button for more than 2 seconds to set all functions to the manufacturer defaults.
Q:  How to adjust treble and bass levels?
A: Use the TRE- button to decrease treble, TRE+ to increase treble, Bass- to decrease bass, and BASS+ to increase bass.
Q:  What is the purpose of the RESET button?
A: The RESET button serves a dual purpose. Play/Pause for the current track, and RESET resets the device to defaults settings when held for more than 2 seconds.
Q:  How to navigate to the next track?
A: Press the ► button to move to the next track. This function is available only under USB and BT modes.
Q:  What does the EQ/PAIR button do?
A: EQ: Press once to cycle through different EQ modes - Music, Movie, News, Sport.
PAIR: Press and hold for more than 2 seconds to disconnect the paired BT device. Press and hold again to reconnect the last disconnected BT device.