FAQ - Zeb-Juke Bar 1500

Q: How do I operate the button functions on the speaker?
A: You can press the INPUT button to change the speaker’s input mode. For volume control, a short press on the Volume- button decreases the volume, and a short press on the Volume+ button increases it. In BT/mSD mode, a long press on the Volume- button skips to the next track, and a long press on the Volume+ button goes to the previous track. To play or pause the current track, double-press the Power button.

Q: What are the steps to connect the speaker?
A: To connect the speaker, press the power button to turn the mini soundbar on or off. You can select the input mode by pressing the INPUT button on the mini soundbar. The indicator colors signify different states: Blue for BT Mode, Green for AUX, and Pink for TF Mode.

Q: What is the process to charge the speaker?
A: To charge the speaker, connect the USB charging cable to the speaker’s Type-C USB Charging port and plug the other end into a USB Power source/adapter (5V, 2A). A red LED will light up to indicate that the battery is charging, and a green LED will turn on once the battery is fully charged.
Q: How can I pair the device with Bluetooth?
A: To pair the device with Bluetooth, turn on the speaker until you hear the Bluetooth mode indication tone. Then, enable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet, search for nearby Bluetooth devices, and connect to “ZEB-JUKE BAR 1500”.
Q: How do I use the Micro SD Mode on the speaker?
A: To use the Micro SD Mode, insert the Micro SD card into the respective port of the “ZEB-JUKE BAR 1500”. The speaker will automatically detect the Micro SD card and start playing songs from it. Speaker support maximum of 32GB mSD card.
Q: How can I use the AUX Mode on the speaker? 
A:To use the AUX Mode, connect the speaker to an audio source (like a Phone or Laptop) using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm AUX cable. Once connected, the speaker will automatically switch to AUX mode and stream audio from the connected source.