FAQ - Zeb Juke Bar 3600 Pro

Q: How to access the various modes of the ZEB - JUKE BAR 3600 PRO sound bar?
A: .The INPUT button (HDMI/AUX/Optical/BT/USB), provided on the remote or on the sound bar can be pressed to change the mode of connectivity.
Q:  How do I set up the sound bar?
A: .Setting up your sound bar is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:
1. Plug in the power cord, and you'll see the LED light up, indicating it's powered.
2. Use the remote controller to press the INPUT button, selecting the mode you need.
3. The indicator can change into 6 different colors, each representing different states. This helps you identify the status of your sound bar easily.
Red: Standby
Blue: BT Mode
Green: AUX Mode
Cyan: HDMI (ARC) Mode
Yellow: Optical mode
Pink: USB Mode
Q: How do I connect the sound bar to my TV using HDMI ARC?
A: Connect the HDMI ARC cable (version 1.4 or above) to the HDMI port on the sound bar and the ARC/EARC port on your TV. Switch the sound bar to HDMI mode and enable HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) settings on your TV.
Note: HDMI-CEC settings may vary depending on your TV model. Kindly approach the TV manufacturer for further assistance on the same.
Q: How to connect with ZEB - JUKE BAR 3600 PRO for wireless music?
A: Power ON the sound bar and select the BT mode using the input button.
Scan for nearby BT on your device's BT menu and tap the name “ZEB - JUKE BAR 3600 PRO” to connect.
Q: How to use OPTICAL input to connect with TV?
A: Kindly make sure that the TV which is used supports OPTICAL port for audio.
Connect an OPTICAL cable to the OPTICAL port of the TV and the other end to the OPTICAL input of the sound bar.
Select the OPTICAL mode using the input button.
Enable the External Audio or Speaker settings of your TV (only if required)

Q: How to use AUX input to connect with TV?
A: Kindly make sure that your TV supports audio output (via RCA or headphone output port)* to use AUX input mode.
*If your TV supports RCA stereo audio output, use a RCA stereo to 3.5mm AUX cable to connect it with the sound bar. Please refer image below:
3.5mm AUX cable
*If your TV supports 3.5mm AUX audio output, use a 3.5mm AUX to 3.5mm AUX audio cable accordingly. Please refer image below:
Audio cable
Enable the External Audio or Speaker settings of your TV (only if required).
Q: Is it necessary to adjust settings in the TV to get the best experience out of the sound bar?
A:Yes, after connecting the HDMI ARC and the OPTICAL port, kindly make sure that the TV’s audio settings / speaker settings are adjusted accordingly to get the best audio experience. Kindly approach the TV manufacturer for knowing the settings or procedure.
Q: How can I play audio via the USB port on the sound bar?
A: Ensure that your USB flash drive contains MP3 audio files (other file types are not supported).
Connect the USB flash drive directly to the USB port on the sound bar or use your own USB extension cable connected to the USB port.
The sound bar will automatically switch to USB input mode, indicated by a Pink LED.
Music will start playing automatically. You can use the remote control for USB input mode playback controls
Q:  How to adjust the sound bar’s audio output with the remote?
A:  Please use the TREB +/- and BASS +/- options in the remote to adjust the Treble and Bass frequencies respectively.
Try adjusting the levels as per your requirement.
In addition, the remote also provides pre-set equaliser options such as MUSIC / NEWS / MOVIE / 3D modes.