FAQ - ZEB-JUKE BAR 701(Grande)

Q: How to switch modes on the sound bar?
A. Use the Input button on remote to toggle between BT, USB, AUX, HDMI, or Optical modes.
Q: How to connect the sound bar to TV using HDMI ARC?
A: Connect the HDMI ARC cable (version 1.4 or above) to the HDMI port on the sound bar and the ARC/EARC port on TV. Switch the sound bar to HDMI mode and enable HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) settings on TV.
Note: HDMI-CEC settings may vary depending on TV model. Kindly approach the TV manufacturer for further assistance on the same.
Q: How to connect the sound bar to TV using an Optical cable?
A: Connect the sound bar to TV using an optical cable and switch the sound bar to Optical mode.
Q:  How to play music via the USB port?
A: Insert a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive (up to 32GB) containing only Mp3 files into the USB port of the sound bar. The sound bar will automatically detect and play the songs.
Q: How to use the Aux input on the sound bar?
A: Connect PC, tablet, smartphone, or TV’s headphone socket to the AUX socket on the sound bar using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable. Alternatively, use a RCA to 3.5mm audio cable to connect TV’s audio output sockets to the AUX socket on the sound bar. Then, switch the sound bar to AUX mode and play audio from chosen source.
Q:  How to connect the sound bar via Bluetooth
A: Turn on the sound bar, press the input button to switch to BT mode, and search for “ZEB-JUKE BAR 701” on phone. Once connected, the BT indicator on the display will stop flickering.
Q: How to adjust the sound bar’s audio output with the remote?
A: .Use the Movie, Music, News and 3D buttons on the remote to toggle between equalizer modes. To customize the Treble and Bass volume use TREB+/- and BASS+/- buttons.
Q:  How to pair the wireless subwoofer with the soundbar of ZEB-JUKE BAR 701?
A: As soon as the subwoofer and the soundbar are powered ON individually, they get paired with each other automatically.
Q: How to verify the connection of subwoofer with sound bar?
A: To manually verify the pairing procedure, kindly follow the LED indication visible on the rear panel of the wireless subwoofer.
* Blue LED blinking - Pairing mode (Wireless subwoofer is ready to pair)
* Blue LED glows constantly - Paired mode (Wireless subwoofer is connected with soundbar)
* Red LED glows - Soundbar is disconnected from wireless subwoofer.
Q:  How to manually reset/connect the subwoofer with sound bar?
A: Manual RESET (to be done only if the soundbar and subwoofer are not getting connected automatically)
Turn OFF the Wifi router/ devices nearby.
* Press and hold the RESET switch (using a pin) / button behind the subwoofer.
* The LED indication will turn to blue blinking LED, faster than usual (Pairing mode).
* Now restart the soundbar individually and the pairing would initiate automatically.