FAQ - Zeb Lite

Zeb Lite


Q: How to connect mobile / tablet with ZEB-LITE headset?
A: Long press the button to power ON the headset.
    Open the bluetooth menu of the mobile / tablet and search for 'ZEB-LITE' to pair it.
Q: What are the different LED indications?

A: Blue LED blinks : BT discover mode.
     Blue LED blinks once every 5 seconds : Connected to a nearby device.
     Red LED glows  : Earphone is charging.
     Blue LED glows  : Earphone is 100% charged.

Q: Does this headset have call facility?
A: Yes, after getting connected to a phone, single press the call button to answer and double press to hang-up on incoming voice calls.
    Double press the call button to re-dial.
Q: How to activate voice assistant using ZEB-LITE?
A: Press and hold the call button for 2 or 3 seconds to wake up the in-built voice assistant of your smartphone.
Q: How to use three party calling (multi-point calling)?
A: While already in a call, follow the below instructions to use three party calling:
    * Single press the button to end the current call and attend the other incoming call.
    * Double press the button to hold the current call.