Q: How to charge the ZEB-MAX PLAY wireless gaming pad?
A: To charge your ZEB-MAX Play, use the provided charging cable and connect it to a 5V DC USB power input.
Q   How to tell if the device is fully charged?
A: The LED indication on the gaming pad will turn OFF once the device is fully charged.
Q: Is the ZEB-MAX Play plug and play?
A:  Yes, it is a plug and play device in X input mode. No additional drivers are needed.
Q  How to activate dual vibration in Direct input mode?
A: .Download the driver tool from this link https:zebronics.com/pages/drivers to enable dual vibration in Direct input mode.
Q: How to wake up the ZEB-MAX Play from sleep mode?
A: .Simply press the MODE button to wake up the gaming pad if it has been left unused for a few minutes.
Q: What is the wireless range of the ZEB-MAX Play?
A: The wireless range is 8-10 meters.
Q: How many buttons does the ZEB-MAX Play have?
A: .It has 17 buttons, including quad front triggers.
Q: How many Analog sticks does the ZEB-MAX Play have?
A: The gaming pad features two Analog sticks.
Q: How long does it take to charge the ZEB-MAX Play?

A: The charging time is approximately 2 hours.

Q: How to connect the USB Nano receiver to my PC?
A: Simply plug the USB Nano receiver into your PC's USB port.
Q: To use the ZEB-MAX Play while it's charging?
A: Yes, you can use the gaming pad while it's charging.
Q: How to toggle between Direct input mode and X input mode?
A: .Press and hold the MODE button for 5 seconds to switch between modes.
Q: How to enable or disable Analog input from the sticks?
A: .Press the MODE button once to toggle between enabling and disabling Analog input.
Q:  What is the Turbo function, and how to use it?
A: . Press and hold the TURBO button and another button (A/B/X/Y) for 5 seconds to enable continuous input. Press and hold the CLEAR button to disable the function.