Q: How to set up MAX LINK+ controller?
A: .Plug the USB dongle into a free USB port on your PC or Mac.
   Press the Mode button to turn on the controller.
   The controller automatically connects to your device via the inserted dongle.
Q  What cable should use to connect the controller to PC?
A: Please use the cable provided with the product in the package to connect with PC.
Q: How to switch between X-Input and D-Input modes?
A: For X-Input Mode, press the MODE + A button until LED1, LED2, and LED3 are turned on.
For D-Input Mode, press the MODE + Y button until LED1 are turned on.
Q  How to use Turbo Function on the MAX LINK+ controller?
A: Press and hold the TURBO button and the desired button (A/B/X/Y) for 5 seconds. To disable, press and hold the CLEAR button and the chosen button for 5 seconds.
Q: How to control the LED on the MAX LINK+ controller?
A:.Press the dedicated LED button to switch between Built-in LED modes (Dynamic LED, Static LED, & LED OFF).
Q: What is the purpose of the LED Indicator on the MAX LINK+ controller?
A: The LED Indicator provides visual feedback, indicating the mode the Game Pad is currently in (X-Input, D-Input, etc.).
Q: How to customize the functions of the special keys on the Game Pad?
A: The special keys (Turbo/Clear/Start/Select & Mode) have predefined functions and cannot be customized.
Q: What is the battery life of the MAX LINK+ controller?
A: The MAX LINK+ controller offers a reliable battery life, providing up to 14 hours of gameplay on a single charge.
Q: What is the function of the Dual Vibration Motors in the MAX LINK+ controller?

A: The Dual Vibration Motors enhance gaming experience by providing tactile feedback during gameplay, adding realism to in-game actions.

1. Before troubleshooting, make sure the device is fully charged! An insufficiently charged battery can lead to the following problems:

Pairing the controller with your device.
Reconnecting the controller to your device.
Unexpected disconnections while using the device.
Gameplay issues while using the controller in a game.
2. To charge the controller, please use the included USB charging cable. Attach one end to the controller and the other end to an available USB port on your computer or to a USB power adapter. While your device is charging, the LED indicator will be on. Once the controller is fully charged, the LEDs will stop glowing.

3. My controller cannot be connected to my device.

Unplug the USB dongle and plug it back in, then try again.

4. Connection to a new device.

Simply unplug the USB dongle from the device and plug it into a free USB port on another PC, then turn on the controller by pressing the power button