FAQ - Zeb-Moving Monster x 10

Q: How do I connect my phone to Bluetooth?
A: Ensure the speaker is in BT mode. On your phone, search for nearby BT devices and select ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10. (Enter password 0000 if prompted.)
Q: How do I tune FM channels on the ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10?
A: Switch to FM mode by pressing the model key , press & hold the Play/Pause to scan channels. Once scanning is done, the speaker plays the first saved channel. Use NEXT & PREV buttons to change channels.
Q: What is the operating range of ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10 in BT mode?
A: The operating range is 8-10 meters.
Q: What is the maximum USB/mSD capacity supported by ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10?
A: The speaker can support up to 32GB USB/mSD capacity.
Q: How do I control the Mic Volume on the ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10? 
A: Use the MIC VOL knob on the speaker or the remote once a Mic is connected.
Q: How do I charge a device using the USB charging port on ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10?
A:  Connect your device to the USB charging port on the speaker to initiate charging.
Q:  How does the Karaoke function work on the ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10?
A: The Karaoke function can be utilized by connecting a microphone to one of the two Mic Inputs provided.
Q: Can I use the TF Card mode in both Mode 1 and Mode 2?
A:  No, the TF Card mode works only for Mode 1.
Q: What is the BT name for Mode 1 and Mode 2?
A: The BT name for Mode 1 is ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10A, and for Mode 2, it is ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10B
Q: How do I connect my mobile device via Bluetooth?
A:   Turn on the speaker, ensure it is in BT Mode (either Mode 1 or Mode 2), search for the BT name corresponding to the mode, and tap to connect.
Q:  Is the ZEB-MOVING MONSTER X10 compatible with audio sources using a 3.5mm line input?
A:  Yes, the speaker supports AUX Mode, allowing you to connect an audio source using a 3.5mm line input.