FAQ - Zeb-Music BOMB X Mini

Zeb-Music BOMB X Mini


Q: How to connect a mobile for wireless music?
A: Press and hold the MFB button and power ON the speaker. Now the speaker is in BT mode, you can open the smart phone's BT menu.
Tap the name "ZEB-MUSIC BOMB X MINI" and connect it.
Q What are the different connectivity options in ZEB-MUSIC BOMB X MINI?
A: Wireless BT/FM mode /Micro SD card. Just insert a micro SD card when required, to use the micro SD mode.
Q: What is the operating range of the ZEB-MUSIC BOMB X MINI in wireless mode?
A: 8-10 meters (without obstacles).
Q What is the maximum capacity of a micro SD card that ZEB-MUSIC BOMB X MINI can support?
A: 32GB.
Q: Does the speaker have a calling function?
A: Yes, once the speaker is connected with the smartphone via BT, press the MFB button once to receive incoming calls.
To hang up on a call, press the MFB once again.
To reject an incoming call, press and hold the MFB button for a few seconds.

Q:What is the charging voltage?
A:Connect Type C cable to the speaker and connect the other end of the cable to a 5V DC adapter
Q: How to use the buttons?
A: Double press the “O” button to change the mode of the speaker
Short press “O” button to play/pause the track being played
Long press “+” or ”-” to control the media
Short-press “+” or ”-” to adjust the volume
Short-press the “O” button to play/pause music
Long-press the “O” button to disconnect the incoming call.
Triple press the “O” button to activate voice assistant(Siri /Google Assistant)
Q: How to use the different LED modes in ZEB - MUSIC BOMB X MINI?
A: Just press the LED control button to toggle between different LED modes.
     Double press on the LED control button to turn OFF the LED lights.

Q: What are the different LED indicators?
A: Red LED glowing - Charging  
     Red LED turns off - 100% charged
Q: How to scan FM radio in ZEB - MUSIC BOMB X MINI?
A: Quickly double press the “O” button to enter FM Radio mode.
Now short press the “+” and “-“ button together, to start scanning for FM Radio channels.
Once the scanning is over, you can press and hold the + or - buttons to change Next to Previous channels, respectively.