Q: How to connect with ZEB-MUSIC DECK through wireless BT?
A: Power ON the speaker and make sure that the speaker is in BT mode. Scan for nearby devices on the phone's BT menu.
   Click on the ZEB-MUSIC DECK name on the list and pair with it.
Q: What are the various modes available in ZEB-MUSIC DECK?
A: Wireless BT, AUX, FM radio, USB, mSD.
Q: How to use FM function?
A: Switch the speaker to FM Mode. Plug in the charging cable to the micro USB port (This Cable will act as the FM Antenna). After the scanning ends, use the 'Next/Prev.' button (or) the keypad on remote to change the scanned channels.
Q: How to use the Call Function?
A: Answering a call / Hang up : Short press the 'play/pause' button.
   Reject call : Long press the 'play/pause' button for 3 secs
Q: How to use TWS function?

A: TWS function requires 2 nos. of ZEB-MUSIC DECK speakers.
   After entering wireless BT mode on both the speakers, press and hold the ' >' button on any one of the speakers.
   You would hear a distinct tune indicating that both the speakers are paired together with 'TWS' indication on display.
   Open the mobile's BT menu and scan for ZEB-MUSIC DECK to pair with it.

Q: How to use USB and micro SD inputs?
A: Plug in the USB/microSD card into the respective ports and the speaker would detect automatically.
Q: What is the charging indication for this speaker?
A: Red LED glows - Speaker is being charged.
   LED goes OFF - Speaker is fully charged.
Q: How to charge the speaker?

A: +5Vdc charger is recommended for charging the speaker.