FAQ - Zeb-Mytho Plus

Q:  How to switch modes on the speaker?
A: Use the mode button on your remote and speaker to toggle between BT / AUX / mSD / USB / FM radio. 
Q:  Can I Connect my devices wirelessly to ZEB-MYTHO PLUS?
A: .Yes, ZEB-MYTHO PLUS features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your device.
Q: How many microphones are included with the ZEB-MYTHO PLUS and can I use for Karaoke?
A: .ZEB-MYTHO PLUS come with two UHF wireless microphones connection with karaoke functionality, including mic volume, mic bass, and mic treble controls.
Q:  Is there a recording function available on ZEB-MYTHO PLUS?
A: Yes, the ZEB-MYTHO PLUS speakers have an audio recording function, allowing you to record directly onto a USB drive or microSD card (FAT32 forma).
Q:   How to use USB and microSD?
A: .Once the speaker is ON, Insert a USB pen drive / Micro SD card to the respective port of the speaker. The speaker will automatically detect the MP3 songs from the pen drive / Micro SD card and play.
Please note that the Pen-drive or micro SD card should have a capacity of no more than 32 GB. Additionally, they should be formatted in the FAT32 format only.
Q: Can I use external batteries with these speakers?
A: Yes, these speakers support external batteries DC 12V.
Q:  Can I connect an external speaker?
A: .Yes, RCA (Red and white) audio output port.
Q:  How to tune FM channels?
A: Switch the speaker to FM mode by pressing the Mode button.
Long press the Play / Pause button to scan the FM channels.
Once the scanning is done, the speaker will start playing from the first saved channel.
To change the channels, use the NEXT / PREV buttons.
Q: How to use the TWS function?
A: TWS function requires 2 nos. of ZEB-MYTHO PLUS speakers.
After entering wireless BT mode on both the speakers, TWS button press one of the speakers to initiate TWS pairing.
Display blink with "BT" once the TWS paring is successful between both speakers, the blinking display will become constant.
Long press the TWS button on any one speaker to exit TWS mode.