Q: How to turn off the ZEB-OCTANE when not in use?
A:  Turn off the speaker using the power button when it's not in use to save battery.
Q: How to connect mobile device to the ZEB-OCTANE via Bluetooth?
A: Turn on the speaker, ensure it's in BT Mode 1 or Mode 2, search for BT Name ZEB-OCTANE A or ZEB-OCTANE B on your mobile, and tap to connect.
Q: Can I use both wireless mics simultaneously with the ZEB-OCTANE?
A: Yes, the ZEB-OCTANE supports dual wireless mics for simultaneous use.
Q: How to switch to FM mode and scan for available channels on the ZEB-OCTANE?
A:Press Mode 1 Key to switch to FM mode, then press and hold Play/Pause to auto-scan available FM channels.
Q: Can I use the ZEB-OCTANE as an external speaker for an audio source in AUX mode?
A:  Yes, switch to AUX mode and connect one end of the AUX cable to the speaker and the other end to an audio source.
Q: How to charge the ZEB-OCTANE, and how can I tell when it's charging?
A: Connect the provided charger to the speaker and a 230V power supply. The charging indication is a glowing red LED on the rear of the speaker.
Q:   Can I use both USB 1 and USB 2 simultaneously on the ZEB-OCTANE?
A: USB 1 is for Mode 1, and USB 2 is for Mode 2. Use the appropriate USB port based on the mode you are using.
Q:  How to switch to TF Card mode on the ZEB-OCTANE?
A: .Insert the TF Card, and it will work automatically in Mode 1.
Q:   How to control the LED lights on the ZEB-OCTANE?
A: The LED lights have an On/Off switch. Toggle the switch to control the LED lights.
Q:  How to know which BT mode (BT1 or BT2) is active on the ZEB-OCTANE?
A: .The LED display indicates whether BT1 or BT2 mode is active.
Q:   Can I use the ZEB-OCTANE without connecting it to an external device?
A: Yes, the speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing standalone use.