FAQ - Zeb Peak

Zeb Peak


Q: How to Power ON/OFF ZEB-PEAK?
A: Long press the "Play" button to power ON/OFF the speaker.
Q: What are the different modes in ZEB-PEAK speaker and how to change them?

A: Single press the mode("M") button to toggle between different modes as given below,
    BT Wireless / Micro SD / USB / FM Mode / AUX.

Q: How to connect a mobile for wireless music?
A: When ZEB-PEAK is in BT mode, search for nearby BT devices in your mobile. Tap the name "ZEB-PEAK" and connect to it.
    (Password - 0000, if prompted)
Q: How to use TWS mode with ZEB-PEAK?
A: TWS mode requires 2 nos. of ZEB-PEAK speakers. While the speakers are ON, long press the mode("M") button on either of the speakers, till you hear a tone indicating that the TWS mode is activated.
    Now the speakers will automatically get paired with each other. Scan for "ZEB-PEAK" on your device's BT menu and connect to it.
    The songs played hereafter, will be played on both the speakers in a stereo setup.
Q: Does ZEB-PEAK support call function and how to use it?
A: Yes, while your device is connected to the speaker through BT,
    Single press Play button    - Answer incoming call/Hang-up on a call.
    Long press Play button    - Reject incoming call.
    Double press Play button    - Re-dial previous number.
Q: What are the different LED indicators(at the back panel)?
A: Red LED glowing         - Charging.  
    Red LED turns OFF         - Fully charged.
    Blue LED blinks         - Discover Mode.
    Blue LED glows         - Speaker is connected to a device.
Q: What are the different LED light modes present in ZEB-PEAK and how to change them?
A:  ZEB-PEAK comes with 3 different LED modes and they can be changed by pressing the "LED" button.
Q: How to control volume in ZEB-PEAK?
A: Long press "+" button    - Increase volume.
    Long press "-" button    - Decrease volume.
Q: How to control media in ZEB-PEAK?

A: Single press "Play" button    - Play/Pause.
    Single press "+" button    - Next track.
    Single press "-" button    - Prev. track.

Q: What is the operating range of the ZEB-PEAK in wireless mode?
A: 8-10 meters.
Q: What is the charging voltage OF ZEB-PEAK?
A: DC 5V with micro USB cable.