FAQ- Zeb-Pixaplay 11

Q: What is the minimum/maximum screen size for PIXAPLAY 11?
A: The minimum screen size for PIXAPLAY 11 is approximately 118cm (46 inches), and the maximum screen size is approximately 381cm (150 inches).
Q What is the Ports Present in PIXAPLAY 11?
A: PIXAPLAY 11 has Micro SD, AV IN, USB, and HDMI ports for video, as well as an Aux Out port for audio output.
Q: Which cable should be connected to AV?
A:  For the projector, a single AV IN 3.5mm cable should be connected, while a female RCA cable should be used for the set-top box.

Q How many modes does PIXAPLAY 11 have for power input, and what are their names?
A: he PIXAPLAY 11 projector has two modes for power input: DC12V 2.5A, which has a round hole, and Secondary Input 5V 2A. The DC12V 2.5A mode utilizes a round hole for power input, while the Secondary Input 5V 2A mode allows for power input even with a power bank.
Q: What is the supported Video Format for PIXAPLAY 11?
A: The supported video formats for PIXAPLAY 11 include 3GP, AVI, DIVX, H264, MOV, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, MKV, and VOB.
Q:What is the maximum supported Pen drive Storage?
A:  The maximum supported pen drive storage for PIXAPLAY 11 is 32GB in FAT32 format.
Q: How to wall mount the projector?
A: To wall mount the projector, please locate the bottom side of the projector where you might see a golden-colored hole. It can be mounted using a single screw ceiling mounting.