Q: What is the screen size range supported by the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector?
A: The ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector supports a screen size range of 111-508cm.
Q: Does the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support?
A: Yes, the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector supports dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5GHz) and Bluetooth version 5.1.
Q: How to enable the mouse mode in the Zeb-PIXAPLAY 16 projector?
A: Press and hold the option button on the PIXAPLAY 16 projector remote to trigger the mouse mode. You can use it for entering login credentials in OTT applications.
Q:  What is the projection distance range for the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector?

The ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector has a projection distance range of 1.5m – 5.9m.
Q: Can the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector be connected to external speakers?
A: Yes, the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector can be connected to external speakers. It has an AUX OUT port that allows you to connect external speakers for enhanced audio experience.
Q: Can the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector be mounted on the ceiling?
A:  Yes, the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector is ceiling mountable. It comes with a ceiling mounting facility for optimal placement and ease of use.
Q:  What steps should I follow to connect my HDMI devices to the projector?
A: To connect your laptop to the ZEB-PIXAPLAY 16 projector, follow these steps:
After connecting the HDMI cable to the projector and selecting the specific source as the input, the content will be displayed on the projector screen.

HDMI Connection:
 1. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into your Device HDMI port.
 2. Connect the other end to the HDMI input port on the projector.
 3. Turn on the projector and select the HDMI input source using the remote control or projector buttons.
  4. Your Device screen should now be mirrored on the projector.
Q: What are the steps to fine-tune correct the keystone?


Keystone Adjustment:
If the edges of a projected image or video are uneven, you can utilize the keystone adjustment to rectify the image, ensuring that both the top and bottom edges are aligned evenly.
Q: What is the procedure to adjust the focus lens on my projector?
A: The focus lens can be adjusted by using the remote, as demonstrated in the image that comes with the projector.