FAQ - Zeb-Sound Bomb 6

Q:  How to connect ZEB - SOUND BOMB 6 with a mobile device?
A: To connect the ZEB - SOUND BOMB 6 with your mobile device, follow these steps:
Earbuds will turn ON once it is taken out from the case. Red and White LED would start blinking on both the earbuds.
The earbuds will pair with each other within 5 secs. Once they are paired with each other, one of the earbuds would show a Red and White LED blinking alternatively, which means they are ready to pair. Now open the phone's BT settings and pair the earbuds by clicking on the “ZEB - SOUND BOMB 6”.
Click on it to pair with your mobile device.
Q:  Does ZEB- SOUND BOMB 6 support the call function?
A:  Yes, the ZEB- SOUND BOMB 6 supports the call function. You can:
Single touch to answer or hang up a call.
Touch and hold to reject an incoming call
Q:   What are the various touch functions?
A: The various touch functions on the ZEB- SOUND BOMB 6  are as follows:
Single tap on Left/Right side: Play/Pause and call receive/hang-up.
Double tap on Right/Left side: Next/Previous track.
Press and hold on either side for 2 secs:To Reject an incoming call.
Q:  What are the various LED indications?
A: Red LED indicator in the earbuds will glow constantly, indicating the earbud is charging.
When fully charged, the Red LED indicator will turn OFF.
Red LED flash's on earbuds at low battery.
Q:  How to charge ZEB - SOUND BOMB 6 ?
A: To charge the earpieces, place them inside the charging case.
     ZEB - SOUND BOMB 6 supports type-C (wired) charging to a DC 5V adapter to charge the case.
Q:  How to wake the assistant?
A:  To wake the assistant, press and hold either side for 2 seconds.