FAQ - Zeb-Sound Bomb G1

ZEB-Sound Bomb G1


Q: How to connect ZEB-SOUND BOMB G1 with BT?
A: The ear buds will turn ON once the charging case is opened and get paired with each other shortly. Now open Phone’s BT settings and pair by clicking on the “ZEB-SOUND BOMB G1”.
Q How to Turn ON / OFF ear buds?

A: Long press ‘Z’ inscription on the ear buds to Turn ON / OFF (without the case). While placing the ear buds inside the case and opening the case, will automatically power OFF and ON the ear buds, respectively.

Q: What are the supported devices?
A: ZEB-SOUND BOMB G1 can be used with Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops.
Q How to charge ZEB-SOUND BOMB G1 case?
A: Connect the type-C cable to the charging port of the case and connect the other end of the cable to a DC5V USB adapter.
Q: How to charge ZEB-SOUND BOMB G1 ear buds?
A: Place the ear buds in the respective charging slots of the case. Once placed in the case, the ear buds will charge automatically, provided the case is charged beforehand. 
Q:  Does ZEB-SOUND BOMB G1 supports voice assistance?
A: Yes, Press & Hold the left ear bud for 2 sec to activate the Voice assistance, in your mobile.

Q: How to enter gaming mode / Music mode?
A: Tap & hold the Right ear bud for 2 sec to shift between Gaming / Music modes
Q How to connect / disconnect calls?
A: Single press either of the ear buds to Attend / End call.
Long press either of the ear buds to reject an incoming call.

Q: What are the colours available?

A: ZEB-SOUND BOMB G1 comes in Red, Black and Red & Black colours. (3-colours)

Q: How to Play / Pause tracks?
A: Tap on either of the ear buds to Play/Pause the music track.
Q: How to switch between the tracks?
A: Double tap the left ear buds for previous music track.
Double tap the right ear bud for next music track.
Q: What are the LED indications in ZEB-SOUND BOMB G1?
A: Charging case breathing LED denotes both the case opening and the charging of ear buds.
In BT discovery mode the ear bud’s LED blinks in Red and blue colour alternatively.
In paired state, Blue LED blinks once in 5 sec on both ear buds.