Q: How to connect ZEB-SOUND BOMB S101 to mobile?
A: The earbus will turn ON once they are taken out from the charging case and the earbuds will pair with each other within 5 sec.
Now, open the phone’s BT settings and pair the earbuds by selecting the name ZEB - SOUND BOMB S101 in the device list.
Q What are the various touch functions?
A: Single press the right / left earbuds to Increase / Decrease volume respectively.
Press and hold either of the earbuds to reject an incoming call
Double press on the Ear buds: Play / Pause / Attend a call / Hang-up ongoing call
Triple press on the Ear buds: Previous / Next Track
Q: How to charge ZEB-SOUND BOMB S101?
A: Connect a type-C cable to the charging port of the case using a 5VDC adapter.
The ear buds will get charged automatically, when it is placed on the respective slots of the case.
Q How to activate voice assistant ZEB-SOUND BOMB S101?
A: Press & hold the touch Panel for 2 sec (either left or right side earbud)