Q: What is the maximum load capacity it supports?
A: It supports 16 Ampere output.
Q  What are all the devices can be connected?
A: Devices like AC, Fridge, and Washing machine can be connected.
Q: How does the Smart plug work?
A: It works with Wi-Fi.
Q Which Wi-Fi frequency range does it support?
A: It supports only 2.4 GHz.
Q: Does it work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant?
A: Yes, it works with both.
Q: From where can I download the ZEB-HOME application?
A: If it is an Android mobile–it can be downloaded from Google Play Store and for Apple mobile–it can be downloaded from the App Store.
Q: How to reset the Smart plug?
A: By connecting the Smart plug to the power supply and long pressing the button provided on the Smart plug for 4-5 seconds, you can reset it.

Q: How to know that the Smart plug is in pairing mode?
A: After resetting the Smart plug, the blue light over there will start to blink swiftly, which means it is in pairing mode.

A: How to connect with the ZEB-HOME application?

    • Download and install the ZEB-HOME application.
    • If you are new to ZEB-HOME then click on “Sign up”.
    • Provide your email id and enter the verification code and complete the registration process.
    • If you already have an account in ZEB-HOME kindly click on “Login” and enter the user id & password.
    • Now on the next page press on ‘Add Device’.
    • Allow to access the device’s location.
    • Then in Add Manually section, select the “Socket (Wi-Fi)”.
    • Now select the Wi-Fi name and enter its password to connect the Smart plug with the Wi-Fi. (If you don’t have Wi-Fi you can use hotspot from another mobile)
    • Confirm the indicator on smart plug is blinking rapidly and click ‘Next’.
    • Once it is successfully added click on done to complete setup with ZEB-HOME app.
    Q: How can we set the Timer to the Smart plug? 
    A: In the ZEB-HOME app after connecting with the app at the bottom middle, you will find the ‘Timer’ option to set the timer.