FAQ - Zeb-Thunder

Q: What are the connectivity options available for ZEB-THUNDER headphone?
A:  ZEB-THUNDER wireless headphone supports Bluetooth v5.3, 3.5mm AUX input, and Micro SD card playback.
Q: What is the wireless range of ZEB-THUNDER?
A: The wireless range of ZEB-THUNDER is 10 meters without obstacles.
Q: Can I play music through a Micro SD card on ZEB-THUNDER?
A:  Yes, you can play music through a Micro SD card on ZEB-THUNDER.
Q:  How to connect headphones using the AUX-IN function?
A:  Connect one end of a 3.5mm cable to ZEB-THUNDER and the other end to an audio source. You can hear songs from that audio source through your headphones.
Q: How to navigate through audio tracks while in mSD input mode?
A:  Press the -< button to switch to the previous audio track and press the >+ button to switch to the next audio track.
Q: Is the product compatible with voice assistants?
A: Yes, the product is compatible with voice assistants for hands-free control.
Q: Can I make and receive calls with the product?
A:   Yes, the product supports receiving and making calls when connected to a phone.
Q: What is the operating range of the headphone in wireless mode?
A:  8-10 meters (without obstacles).
Q:  What is the maximum capacity of a micro SD card that the headphone can support?

A: 32GB