Q:  How to pair my device with the ZEB-VITA BLAST? 
A: .Power ON the speaker until you hear the indication tone for Bluetooth mode.
Blue LED indicates that your speaker is now ON and is in pairing mode.
Switch ON BT in your phone or tablet and search for nearby BT devices.
Search for the BT name “ZEB-VITA BLAST” and tap to connect it.
Q:  How to use the Micro SD / USB mode in ZEB-VITA BLAST? 
A: .Connect the Micro SD card / USB device to the respective ports of ZEB-VITA BLAST and the speaker would automatically start playing songs from Micro SD card/USB device.
Q: How to use the FM Radio mode in ZEB-VITA BLAST? 
A: .Switch the speaker into FM mode, single press the play/pause button once to start scanning for FM channels. Once scanning is complete, press “+/-“button to change the channels.
Q:  How to use the TWS function in ZEB-VITA BLAST? 
A: Double press the mode button on either of the speakers to enable TWS function, after that you will hear a notification tone on both speakers once paired via TWS. Now on Phone got to Bluetooth settings and search for “ZEB-VITA BLAST”. To disconnect double press the mode button on anyone of the speaker.
Q:   How to charge the ZEB-VITA BLAST? 
A: .Connect a USB charging cable to the Type C port of the speaker and insert the other end into a USB power source/adapter. A red LED indicator shows that charging is in progress and turns off when fully charged.
Q: What are the functions of buttons?
A: To turn on the speaker long press the MODE button and single press to change the inputs.
Long press the +/- button to change the track or channel in BT/USB or FM.
Press the play/pause button to attend/end call, long press play/pause button to disconnect the incoming call.
Long press the play/pause button to change the LED light mode