Q: What is the default network configuration for a Zero client? 
A: By default, the Zero client is configured in DHCP mode, which allows it to automatically receive an IP address from the network.
Q: What are the steps to manually configure a static IP address? 
Step 1: Select the ‘Network’ option on the Zero client UI interface.
Step 2: Choose the ‘Wired network’ option.
Step 3: Enter the network details such as IP address, Subnet Mask, and the default gateway of the router/switch used.
Q: What is the default configuration for display settings on a Zero client? 
A: .The Zero client is set to automatically select the best resolution based on the connected monitor.
Q:  How to change the display resolution on a Zero client? 
A: Step 1: Access the ‘Display’ option on the Zero client UI interface.
     Step 2: Choose the ‘Resolution’ option and select your desired resolution, for example 1366 x 768.
     It’s important to select a resolution that matches the native resolution of your monitor to ensure the best display quality.
Q: How to access the peripheral settings on Zero client?
A:  To access the peripheral settings, look for the USB symbol icon at the bottom left of Zero client UI interface and select it to open the peripheral menu.
Once you’ve opened the peripheral menu, you can adjust the settings according to your preferences. This may include configuring devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, etc.
Q: How do to manually add a server connection to Zero client? 
A: To manually add a server connection, click on the ‘manual add’ option in Zero client UI interface. You will need to enter the IP address, Hostname, and Port number of the server you wish to connect to.
Q:  How to manage terminal (Zero clients) in Zebronics management software? 
A:  Open Zebronics management tool software and navigate to Terminal management.
Select and right click the terminal you want to manage.

6: How to create and edit users details in Zebronics management software? 
A: Right click on the empty space in User management tab to create a new user.
Right click on the existing user to edit details.

Q:  How to Enable/Disable USB Devices in Zebronics management software? 
A:  Go to settings ->click the button near to disable all USB devices, to enable or disable the USB devices.

Q: How to Broadcast your screen in share class Multimedia Teaching System? 
A: Click Broadcast button to broadcast your screen to other users.

Q:  How to Control the Zero client System Remotely?
A:  Select the Remote ctrl tab in the Share Class software. Then select the specific Zero client user to share remotely.

Q:  How to open any application remotely in Zero client system? 
A: Click Remote Cmd icon to open Applications remotely in client system.

Q: How to reset the Zero Client? 
A: During Zero client Boot up press F2 to reset Zero client to factory settings.