FAQ - Tablets



Q. How to mount/unmount SD card in a tablet?

Mounting the Memory Card:

Insert the memory card in the given memory slot.
Then, go to Settings-> Storage-> SD Card-> Mount Storage.

Unmounting the Memory Card:
Go to Settings-> Storage-> SD Card-> Unmount Storage-> Dialog Box appears 'Unmount Storage?'-> Press 'OK'.
Its now safe to remove the memory card.

Q. How to switch the device to silent mode?
By long pressing the Power Button you can toggle the device between Silent Mode, Vibrate Mode, Ringer Mode and Airplane Mode*.
Go to Settings-> Sound-> Make a Change in 'Volume', 'Call Ringtone' and 'System'.
Q. Which android version is the tablet running and how to upgrade the OS?
To check the Android OS version, Go to Settings-> About tablet-> Android version.
To upgrade your OS, go to www.zebronics.com -> Support tab -> Driver Downloads.
If there is an upgrade available, you can download and follow the firmware upgrade procedure to upgrade.
Q. How to backup/reset my tablet ?
Go to Settings-> Backup & Reset-> Select 'Backup my data'. This will backup all your apps data, wifi passwords, browser bookmarks and even apps you’ve installed from Google Play on your device.
If you need to Factory Reset, Go to Settings-> Backup & Reset-> Select 'Factory data reset'. This will erase all data from your tablet and it will boot to default factory settings.
After resetting your tablet, you'll need to re-enter the same information requested when you first set up your tablet.
If you've been backing up your data to a Google account, an option during the setup process allows you to restore it.
Q. List of 3G dongle which supports the tablet.
Please check the 3G dongle support on the product page. http://www.zebronics.com/product-category/tablet
Q. How much capacity of a memory card does my tablet supports?
If the tablet is SDHC compatible, then it supports up to 32GB.
If it is SD compatible, then the tablet supports maximum of 2GB only.
Q. Why there is no sound from the tablet's in-build speaker?

Go to Settings-> Sound-> Volume-> Check 'Volume' & 'Call Ringer volume' (or)
Check whether the device is in 'Silent Mode'.
If the problem still persists, you will have to carry the product to your nearest Zeb Care which can be located from here - www.zebronics.com/zebcare

Q. How to transfer my files from tablet to computer and computer to tab?
First connect the tablet to PC via USB cable (bundled with tablet).
After connecting to computer, 'Turn On USB Storage' on the tablet.
The computer detects the tablet's internal storage and SD card storage as a mass storage device.
You can view the drives on the computer and transfer files by copying & pasting from and to the tab.
Q. How to install apps on my tablet?
Launch the Play Store app on the tablet.
The Play Store prompts the user to sign in with a Google account (without a Google account you cannot download apps from the play store).
You can login through existing Google account or by creating a new account in Google.
After logging into the play store, browse though the apps, and install the apps you want to use.
Q. How to create & manage email account(s) on the tablet?

To Add an Email Account:
Go to Settings-> Add Account-> You will be prompted with an option 'Corporate', 'Email' & 'Google'.
Corporate: Exchange Active Sync uses direct push technology to sync email, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and folders in real time.
Email: By choosing this option, the user can login with any type of email account they have.
Google: By choosing this option, the user can login with their Google account.

To Remove an Account:
To delete an Account, Go to settings-> If it is an Google account, Select 'Google' or Select 'Email'.
After selecting the account, select 'Remove Account' from the option.

Q. The device is not connecting to internet through 3G USB dongle.
If you are experiencing an internet connectivity issue, first of all check whether the 3G dongle's compatibility with the tablet.
After connecting the 3G USB dongle to the tab, wait at least 5 mins for the 3G dongle to detect cellular signal.
And also check the signal strength of the 3G dongle on the tablet. If the signal is weak, you may face the internet connectivity problem.
If you still experience connectivity issues, check the APN of your service provider. To check APN go to Settings-> More-> Mobile network-> Access Point Name.
Q. WIFI connectivity problem on the tablet.
Check whether the WIFI is ON/OFF. Go to Settings-> WIFI-> ON.
Then, make sure whether the selected WIFI network is password protected or not.
If the WIFI network requires password, enter the appropriate password to access the WIFI.
Q. Tablet battery drains faster. Is there any solution to solve this issue?

You can extend your battery life by making few changes in the tablet settings.
Go to Settings-> Display-> Brightness-> Enable 'Automatic Brightness'.
By enabling the Automatic Brightness, the display can be auto adjusted depending on the lighting of the environment.
Turn OFF, WiFi, Bluetooth & GPS if not in use.
Stop the Apps running in the background. Press & Hold the task key, then remove by swiping the unwanted apps that run in background

Q.  How to restrict unauthorized access to the tablet & what are all the security features available?
Go to Settings-> Security-> Select 'Screen Lock' from Screen Security.
Security features-> 'Face Unlock', 'Pattern', 'PIN' and 'Password'.
Q. How to change the font size in my tablet?
Go to Settings-> Display-> Font size-> Select between 'Small', 'Normal', 'Large', 'Huge'. (or)
Go to Settings-> Accessibility-> Enable ' Large text'.
While browsing, zoom into the content on the screen by using pinch to zoom gesture.

Q. Getting following error while using play store “Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-5:AEC-0]”
Please follow the following step.
Step 1. First use the multitasking button on the tab and close all the running apps by swiping left or right.
Step 2. Please go to settings then in Apps.
Step 3. Select all apps from the top.
Step 4. click on "google play" store in the list of apps.
Then click on "Clear cache" button. (DO NOT click on 'clear data")
Then click on "Force stop" button.
Step 5. click on "Google services framework" store in the list of apps.
Then click on "Clear data" button. (DO NOT click on 'clear cache")
Then click on "Force stop" button.
Step 6. Then restart the device, DO NOT open google play without restarting.