FAQ - Zeb-Buddy 500

Q: How to connect ZEB-BUDDY 500 through wireless BT mode?
A: Power ON the speaker,  it enters BT mode by default. Scan for nearby devices on the phone's BT menu. Click on the ZEB-BUDDY 500 name to pair with it.
Q:  What are the different modes  in the speaker?
A: BT Wireless / micro SD card / USB / FM Mode / AUX / Wired MIC
Q: What is the operating range of ZEB-BUDDY 500 in BT mode?
A: 8-10 meters
Q: What is the maximum capacity of a USB / micro SD card that ZEB-BUDDY 500 can support?
A: 32GB
Q: How to use a USB / micro SD card?
A: Once the USB / micro SD card is inserted into the respective slot, the speaker will detect the USB / micro SD card automatically and start playing the songs from it. 
Q: What are the button functions available in ZEB-BUDDY 500?

Turn the speaker ON/OFF using the power switch.

Press the mode button to change it to BT / USB / mSD / AUX / FM mode.

 Press & hold     /     to increase or decrease the volume.

 Press    /   once to play Next or Prev. track

 Press    to Play or Pause.

 Press to change the RGB LED modes.

Q7: How to tune FM channels?
A: Switch the speaker to FM mode.
Press the Play / Pause button once to scan the FM channels.
Once the scanning is done, the speaker will start playing from the first saved channel.
To change the channels, use the NEXT / PREV buttons to change the FM channel.
Q: What are the different LED indicators?
A: Red LED glows when the speaker is being charged.
The LED turns OFF when the speaker gets fully charged.

Q:  How to use the TWS function?

A: TWS function requires 2 nos. of ZEB-BUDDY 500 speakers.
After entering wireless BT mode on both the speakers, long press the “TWS” button on any one of the speakers.
You would hear a distinct tune indicating that both the speakers are paired together with “TWS” notification.
Open the mobile's BT menu and scan for ZEB-BUDDY 500 to pair with it.

Q: What is the charging voltage of ZEB-BUDDY 500?
A: Connect 5V micro USB input cable to the speaker and the other end of the cable to a 5V DC adapter.