Zeb-Sound Bomb 3


Q: How to connect ZEB-SOUND BOMB 3?
A: The ear buds support flash connect feature, as soon as the lid is opened it enters pairing mode.
Now, open the phone’s BT settings and pair the ear buds by selecting the name ZEB - SOUND BOMB 3 in  the list of devices.
Next time, you can simply open the lid to connect with your smartphone.
Q What are the various stem touch controls?
A: Double press - Play / Pause, attend incoming call and hang-up ongoing call.
Touch and hold to reject an incoming call.
Triple press on the Right Ear buds for Next Track.
Triple press on the Left Ear buds for Previous Track. 
Q: What are the various LED indications?
A:  Charging Case Indication – LEDs will glow one after another.
      Once fully charged, all the 4 LEDs will glow constantly.
Q  How to charge ZEB-SOUND BOMB 3?
A: Connect a type-C cable to the charging port of the case using a 5VDC adapter.
      The ear buds will get charged automatically, when it is placed in the respective slots of the case. 
Q: How to activate voice assistant ZEB-SOUND BOMB 3?
A: Press & hold the stem touch panel for 2 sec (either left or right side earbud)