Q: How to connect with ZEB-SOUND FEAST 400 through wireless BT?
A: Power ON the speaker, as it enters BT mode by default. Scan for nearby devices on the phone/tablet BT menu. Click on the ZEB-SOUND FEAST 400 name and pair with it.
Q: How to use the buttons?
A: Short press “M” button to change the mode of the speaker
Long press “+” or ”-” to control the media
Short-press “+” or ”-” to adjust the volume
Short-press the play/pause button to play/pause music
Short-press the TWS button to activate voice assistant(Siri/Google Assistant)
Q: What are the various modes available in ZEB-SOUND FEAST 400?
A: .Wireless BT, AUX, FM radio, USB.
Q: How to use FM function?
A: Turn on the slider switch to ON the speaker.
Press the “M” button to change to FM mode.
Plug in the AUX cable to the AUX port (This Cable will act as the FM Antenna).
Press and hold the 'Play/Pause' button to initiate auto scanning.
After the scanning ends, use the 'Next/Prev.' button to change the channel.
Q: How to use the TWS function?
A: TWS function requires 2 nos. of ZEB-SOUND FEAST 400 speakers.
After entering wireless BT mode on both the speakers, long press the 'TWS' button on any one of the speakers.
You would hear a distinct tune indicating that both the speakers are paired together with 'TWS' indication.
Open the mobile's BT menu and scan for ZEB-SOUND FEAST 400 to pair with it.
Q: How to use USB input?
A: Connect the USB device to the USB port to play MP3 songs. Supports maximum 32GB capacity.
Q: What is the charging indication for this speaker?
A: .The battery level will be shown by the four LED lights on top of the speaker.
Q: How to use the call function?
A: .Once the speaker is connected with the smartphone via BT, press the Play/Pause button once to receive incoming calls.
To hang up on a call, press the Play/Pause once again.
Q: How to charge the speaker?
A: .Connect Type C cable to the speaker and the other end of the cable to a 5V DC adapter.