Q: How to power ON the speaker?
A: Make use of the power switch at the rear side of the speaker to power ON or OFF the speaker.
Q: What are the different connectivity modes available?
A: Wireless BT, USB, AUX, mSD card and FM radio support
Q: How to change the mode or access different modes in the speaker?
A: Use the M button the speaker to change or toggle between modes.
Q: How to connect the speaker in BT mode?
A: Turn ON the speaker and make sure that the speaker is in BT mode. You can open the bluetooth setting in your smartphone / laptop device to scan for nearby devices. The name ZEB - SOUND FEAST 50 can be selected for connection.
Q: How to connect the speaker in AUX / USB / mSD card mode?
A: Connect the AUX / USB / mSD card directly to the port and the speaker would detect the input automatically.
Q: How to control volume?
A: Single press + button to increase volume
Single press - button to reduce volume
Q: How to control the media?
A: Press and hold the + button to move to the next song.
Press and hold the - button to move to the previous song.

Q: How to control voice calling function while in bluetooth mode?
A: Single press > button to receive and hang up on incoming calls.
Press and hold > button to reject incoming calls.
Double press > button to redial previous contacted number.
Q: How to scan FM channels in FM radio mode?

A: Switch the speaker to FM radio mode using the M button.
Attach the charging cable in the charging port of the speaker and leave it as such (for best results).
Press and hold the > button for 3 seconds and the speaker starts to scan the nearby FM channels.
Wait for some time till scanning stops automatically once the scanning is completed, long press the + and - button to change the saved channels. Short press the + and - buttons to increase / decrease volume respectively.

Q:How to activate voice assistance through the speaker?
A: Connect the speaker via bluetooth, press and hold the > to activate smartphone’s voice assistance through the speaker.

Q: How to use the TWS function?

A: TWS function requires two such ZEB - SOUND FEAST 50 speakers.
Power ON both the speakers, make sure they are in bluetooth mode.
Press and hold the M button for 2 seconds as the speaker enters TWS mode.
An audio tone will be heard from both the speakers indicating TWS connection between them.
Now open the phone bluetooth menu and scan to connect with ZEB - SOUND FEAST 50. You can now experience TWS mode.

Q: What are the various LED indications in the speaker?

A: Red LED glows : Charging in process
Red LED turns OFF : Charging 100% complete

Q: How to charge the speaker?

A: Make use of a DC 5V charger with mUSB cable provided to charge the speaker.