Q: How to connect ZEB-THUMP 450 through wireless BT mode?
A: Power ON the speaker, it enters BT mode by default. Scan for nearby devices on the phone's BT menu. Click on the ZEB-THUMP 450 name to pair with it.
Q  What are the different modes in the speaker?
A: BT V5.0 Wireless / mSD card / USB / FM Mode / AUX / MIC in.
Q: What is the operating range of ZEB-THUMP 450 in BT mode?
A: 8-10 meters.
Q What is the maximum capacity of a USB / mSD card that ZEB-THUMP 450 can support?
A: 32GB
Q: How to use a USB / mSD card?
A: Once the USB / mSD card is inserted into the respective slot, the speaker will detect the USB / mSD card automatically and start playing the songs from it.
Q: How to tune FM channels?
A:  Switch the speaker to FM mode by pressing the Mode button.
Long press the Play / Pause button to scan the FM channels.
Once the scanning is done, the speaker will start playing from the first saved channel.
To change the channels, use the NEXT / PREV buttons.
Short Press the |<< / - button to switch to previous FM channel and short Press the >>| / + button to switch to next FM channel.

Q: What are the different LED indicators?
A: The RED LED INDICATOR glows constant is that speaker is charging
Once it is fully charged the RED LED INDICATOR goes to turn off.
Q:How to decrease/increase the volume level?
A: Rotate the volume knobs to Decrease / Increase the volume level respectively.
Q: How to use the TWS function?

A: TWS function requires 2 nos. of ZEB-THUMP 450 speakers.
After entering wireless BT mode on both the speakers, long press the “Play/Pause TWS” button on any one of the speakers.
You would hear a distinct tune indicating that both the speakers are paired together with TWS notification.
Open the mobile's BT menu and scan for ZEB-THUMP 450 to pair with it.

Q:  How to use microphone in ZEB-THUMP 450?
A: ZEB-THUMP 450 comes with a wired microphone which can connect to the 6.3mm microphone input port. Please make sure that you turn ON the microphone for power. After turning ON the microphone, the speaker automatically connects with the microphone.
Q: How to connect a wired microphone in ZEB-THUMP 450?
A: Connect the wired microphone in the provided 6.3mm audio jack of the speaker. Now, you are all set to use wired microphone.