FAQ - Zeb Yoga 101

Zeb Yoga 101


Q: How to power ON ZEB - YOGA 101 earphones?
A: Use the power switch to power ON or OFF ZEB - YOGA 101 earphones.
Q: How to connect with bluetooth?
A: Once powered ON, they will go into pairing mode automatically. Open your phone's BT settings to scan for "ZEB-YOGA 101" earphones and connect it.
Q: What are the different LED indicators?
A: Red LED glowing: Charging  
    Red LED turns Blue in color: Full charge
    Red-Blue LED blinks alternatively: BT Discover Mode.
    Blue LED blinks once in every 5 secs - Earphone is connected to a device
Q: Is the earphone capable of dual pairing?
A: Yes
Q: How to pair two devices (Dual pairing) with ZEB-YOGA 101 earphones?  
A: Pair the first device with ZEB-YOGA 101 earphones.
    Once the connection is complete, turn OFF the BT in the first device.
    Now turn ON the BT of the second device and pair it with the earphone.
    Once paired, simply turn ON the BT of the first device and it will automatically connect to the earphone.
    Thus two devices would be now connected to the earphones.
Q: Can we use voice call feature with this earphone?
A: Yes, Follow the below instructions to use call feature:
    Single press the middle button to answer or hang up on an incoming call
    Press and hold the middle button to reject an incoming call

Q: How can we control the volume level?
A: Volume can be controlled by short pressing the "+" and "-" buttons on the earphone.
Q: Can we control media playback with this earphone?
A: Yes, You can play / pause, toggle between Next / Prev. track.
Q: How to change tracks with ZEB-YOGA 101 earphones?

A: Next / Prev. track changes can be done by long pressing the "+" and "-" buttons respectively.

Q: How to trigger the Voice Assistant using ZEB-YOGA 101?
A: When the earphones are connected to a smartphone, long press the middle button for 2 secs to wake up the voice assistant in your smartphone.
Q: What is the operating range of the ZEB-YOGA 101 in wireless mode?
A: 8-10 meters (without obstacles).
Q: What is the charging voltage of the earphones?
A: +5V DC.