The only wonder woman in every family who handles it all, deserves something extraordinary everyday. But if you’ve been slacking off, here’s an opportunity to treat her special with gifts that she might adore.

Your routine may have changed while getting used to working from home but to your mother, who has always been supporting you and helped you gain a strong ground whether you’re at office or working from home, needs an extraordinary gift that will not only be beneficial but also  bring a smile on her face.

Here are a few suggestions that may help you pick the right gift


We’re bracing the pandemic with new normal & new parameters  When the roles have reversed and you’re more concerned not just about your mother but about the family health and wellbeing. Zeb-FPO500 Oximeter is something you should invest in as the pulse oximeter can tell you the SPo2 and the pulse rate that help you gauge any health risk.


Instead of opting for a watch, you can opt to get her a Zeb-Fit1220CH Smart Fitness Band that is equipped for the new normal with SpO2 and blood pressure monitor as it is an essential buy along with the fitness aspect.


True wireless earphones would definitely be a great pick if she loves listening to songs, bhajan or has a lot of conversations with her work clients.You can opt for a product like Zeb-Evolve wireless neckband that comes with 17 hours of playback time, controls for volume/media, magnetic earpiece and rapid charging feature.  


A portable speaker like Zeb-Soundfest 50 that comes with a mobile stand is a win win for the both of you, as you can sing songs together, or let your mother enjoy entertainment handsfree and music can help you make the most boring chores easy. It is an essential gadget that will keep you entertained when you’re bored.


A smart speaker like Zeb-Bot speaker with an IR Blaster will definitely make an impression because your mother can ask for recipes, new updates or even ask Alexa to tell a joke. Apart from having a built in Alexa, the Zeb-Smart Bot also has an IR blaster that can remotely control your devices or you can use the voice assistant to switch off the TV or the AC.

Hope these suggestions helped you pick the right gift for your mother.

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