Gamers, these are a few things you must have

Gamers, these are a few things you must have
Gaming is beyond any experience as it gives you the adrenalin rush to live in the moment. It’s not only about the games it’s also about showing off your rig in style. Gamers love to show off their capabilities online by livestreaming and weekends are a perfect way to spend time gaming away in your nook. From serious gamers who have a dedicated set up and to those who are recently new and love playing games like PUBG, Freefire, Valorant and more. We’re here to give you a checklist of things that your gaming space should have.


Gamers want to show their gaming rig in full glory, whether adding more light to the set up or getting a cool chassis that matches your style, and vibe. You can opt for 120mm LED fans, remote control with settings for fan speed and RGB controls and all the extra space to fit in all your hardware.


RGB Gaming Keyboard
Well the first thing on our list should be an RGB LED keyboard, you could opt for a combo like Zeb-Transformer or Zeb-War if you’re only looking at a gaming keyboard within your budget including an LED Gaming mouse. If you want to immerse yourself in the tactile feedback you should take a look at Max series of premium gaming keyboards from Zebronics that have mechanical keys to give you the ultimate gaming experience with its tactile feedback, RGB LED, backlit and more options.


Dedicated Gaming Mouse
Having a dedicated gaming mouse makes a big transition while you game as you can rely on a high precision mouse with a better DPI range and a dedicated DPI switch so you can toggle between DPI’s according to your gaming preferences. A gaming mouse is a must have especially the one that makes your gaming setup LIT.


When you’re gaming you want to experience being in the game with simulating audio experience, ergonomic design, comfortable ear cushions, high quality mic along with volume controller and a long and strong cable so that your comfort and audio experience needs are met completely when you game.


If you’re someone that wants to stream your games LIVE then you should have a dedicated mic set up that can help elevate your gaming experience by giving you a hands free experience while you game. Not only that you can also communicate with your gaming clan and fans online with clarity.


Mechanical Gaming keypad
Keying with a mechanical keyboard with the RGB lights is amazing, but what if we had a more compact set up without missing the tactile feedback. A gaming keypad with mechanical keys keeping things minimalist with a volume control button along with a wrist rest to make your gaming experience larger than life.

 zeb-laptop cooler

Laptop Cooler
If you’re gaming on a laptop then you can take a look at buying your laptop a laptop cooler that comes along with a stand so that your laptop can get enough cooling and with the ergonomics also help you gain a better control at gaming or working.

Hope you’ve got some cool buying suggestions from our blog.


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