on June 19, 2021


Fathers are the heroes that don’t wear capes, even though they come across as the serious type there are enough and more moments where they celebrate every little win you’ve had and helped you get a better understanding of life in terms of expenses, savings and all their little advices that add up to memorable moments.

Fathers day banner

Father’s day is around the corner here’s a way to give the best companion for cricket season, the best late night muncher and also the sports coach who gears you up not only for the lessons of sportsmanship but life as well.

Here are a few gadgets that your dad may absolutely like.


If your dad loves to sing all the retro music and cherishes the old times you can opt to give him a mic like ZEB-Fun should be entertaining enough for him to sing retro songs, tunes and make the best of memories.

Zeb-Juke bar 9700

If your dad is someone that loves stories and is always the first to support for movie, entertainment, plots and series then ZEB-Juke Bar 9700 Pro Dolby Atmos is the one you can opt for because it’s bound to turn to your home into a home theatre experience with the power of Dolby Atmos.


If your dad is always on his laptop keyboard keying in numbers and data then you should get him a laptop cooler like ZEB-NC7000 that has a powerful 170mm fan and an adjustable laptop stand that he can set according to his preference.

Zeb-Smart plug

If your dad is the strict one especially when you turn the fans and lights in the room unnecessarily and get the big lecture later on. It’s only advisable to get smart plugs for your dad as you can save yourself by remotely switching off devices that are not in use and your dad can also check the power consumption for the same making it the ultimate fathers day gift.


Fitness might not be the first thing your dad looks at, but nudging him to change small habits in a day matters a lot especially if he has always had a sedentary lifestyle. Small changes will only motivate him to do more. Considering the pandemic you can opt to get him a ZEB-FIT4220CH Smart fitness band so that he can check his oximeter levels and set his walking goals for the day.

Let us know how you celebrated Father's day in style!