5 Resolutions You Must Have

5 Resolutions You Must Have

Having a new start gives you the motivation to start over, to follow your intuition, thereby changing the direction of your life. Easily, New Year’s is also the time for making resolutions with small habits that change your life. Even though most resolutions are short-lived due to flexibility, here are a few we’re penned down that may change the way you make resolutions. A few habits can help you change your routine entirely and push you towards making a change.

Spending more time with family
Well, this should definitely be on the resolutions list because even though we’re struggling with working and balancing family life. It’s important to chalk out family time devoid of distractions and work calls. You can either set up a family zone time; play games, watch movies, or get chatty with music as the background.

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Spending time away from the screen
Ever since working either from home or office, it’s difficult to stay away from constant screen gazing. Spending time away from the screen should be a doable resolution that involves you taking frequent breaks either going for a walk or going to the water cooler or stepping away from your work desk for a while.

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Splurge on Self-care time
You could be the busiest person with a lot of tasks to accomplish but if you don’t take the time out to focus it on yourself, it could lead to long-term burnout. So spend the time splurging on self-care like doing the things you love, it could be burning scented candles, journaling, meditation, getting a haircut, or a grooming session that uplifts your mood.

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Spend more time on movement
Making a decision to keep fit, would be a new year resolution that almost everyone wants to have. If we change that slightly to spend more time on movement makes it rather doable like dancing to your favorite music, taking the stairs, parking two blocks away so you can get some movement. Dedicating 5 minutes to get some movement is a great way to get started on your health.

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Learn new courses online
Spending the new year learning a new course online will not only help you channel your energy but it will also make your profile stand out. You could either pick educative courses or opt for skill-based courses that may help you make an advanced move in your career.

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