6 ways to impress your loved one!

6 ways to impress your loved one!
February brings with it the celebration of love in the form of Valentine’s day or week. Even though one doesn’t require a day to proclaim love. It does remind you to cherish your loved ones and celebrate the little things that will be memories for life.
Gifting a bouquet is usually on the list paired with a box of chocolates and you have the most repeated gift-giving ritual on valentines day. What if we told you to ditch the usual and add interesting activities on your list that will have your loved one floored.
Sharing your favorite music

Make an elaborate playlist of your or your partner’s favorite songs and make their day special by cooking a meal together, and listening to the playlist. You could also get them a portable speaker with all your favorite music.

Joining an activity

Join a couple’s activity like taking up a Salsa class, Zumba class, hitting the gym together, going for early morning or late evening walks. Taking part in an activity is a long-term goal, meaning you get to dedicate the time to your loved one and focus on physical activity and mental health as well. Get a couple’s Smart fitness watch and begin your commitment to spending more time together.

Movies Galore

Spending the time out may not seem the best thing. So why not bring back movie nights, where you can make some popcorn and rewatch some timeless movies at the comfort of your home. You can opt for an LED projector like ZEB-PixaPlay 12 and pair it with a Soundbar to soak in some time off together.
Getting Decked

WFH may have changed your lifestyle, including wearing comfortable clothes to attend zoom meetings and other shenanigans. Having a lockdown beard may not be the nicest thing, so spend more time for TLC and grooming. Grooming up and looking great is in; even when you’re hosting a meeting. Opt for our 6 in 1 grooming kit for all your grooming needs.
Karaoke nights

There is nothing better than celebrating your love with your friends and making a get-together special by having games and hosting a karaoke night where you can show off your wooing skills. Get a tower speaker with a wireless mic so you can show off your hosting skills and sing along to your favorite music.

Spending time in a long-distance relationship is incredibly difficult but not when you have the technology on your side Set up a date night with your loved one with the help of a good clarity webcam like ZEB-Ultimate Plus and enjoy the special occasion with your loved one.

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